Economizer Poly Electric Sander


  • 1.85 & 2.1 Cu. Yard Capacity
  • Dual 12v Electric Motors
  • Lightweight Poly Hopper
  • Removable Vinyl Tarp Cover
  • Quiet Electric Drive
  • Adjustable Spreading Width From 4’ – 24’
  • Included Tie-Down Ratchet Strap Kit
  • In Cab Controls (Wireless On/Off Conveyor and Spinner Motor Controls)
  • Comes Complete With Wire Top Grate
  • Adjustable Material Discharge Gate
  • Unit Weight, Empty: 400 Lbs. and 425 Lbs.

Heavy Duty Commercial Grade POLY Electric Sander

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12V Poly Electric V-Box Sander Available in 1.85 Yard 7’ and 2.1 Yard 8’ Models

Handheld Wireless-
Easy on/off variable speed transmitter control shown

Quiet Electric Drive-
No noisy motors disturbing your customers
Won’t Rust- with Polyethylene hopper and stainless steel structure

Comes complete with tie down straps, top grate, wiring harness and removable black vinyl tarp cover
Optional: inverted V

Polyethylene Sander

Features & Benefits of the Best Poly Sander Available on the Market!

Manufactured and designed to operate and be maintained with ease.  Its Polyethylene construction and electric drive system offer convenience, durability, and versatility.

This spreader has been in production for 5 years with many delighted users!

Standard Features

  • Dual electric motor kit
  • Variable speed wireless controller
  • Fitted tarp

Ace Torwel’s Comparison Points

Exposure to Moisture, Salt and Brine Comparison

Ace Torwel’s Poly Sander has the Controller and drive systems high upon the Spreader right under the Hood cover so it’s totally protected compared to our major competitor’s unit.

The controller and electrics are located at the bottom of the unit on our competitor’s unit, this allows for corrosion when salt and brine get spilled.

These photos are from our competitor after only one season of operation.  The controller and electric motor are corroded due to design location.

Don’t let your Controller and Electrics look like this…just due to poor location!!

Average Motor Life Comparison

Ace Torwel’s low amperage draws 30 amps compared to 50 and 60 amps from our competitor, this is another large contributor to our competitor’s reduced engine life compared to the Ace Torwel engine life.  This means average engine life for Ace Torwel’s Poly Spreader is approximately 7 years.  Our major competitor’s average life is just 3 years.

Tarp versus Hard Covers Comparison

Ace Torwel’s Poly Spreader has an easy to remove tarp cover

Maintenance Cost

It is quite simple… When there are less moving parts, there is less to set you back with parts and maintenance.  Our major competitor has a large number of moving parts that make it susceptible for larger numbers of breakages, and downtime.

Wireless Remote Control

Economizer Poly Electric Sander also come standard with wireless remote control that permits the operation of both motors independently for precise rate and pattern control.  The programmable, variable speed remote controller allows synchronization of the spinner and conveyor chain at different speeds, enabling application rates to precisely match the vehicle’s velocity.

As the truck velocity changes, the control settings can  be adjusted just like a cruise control setting where you choose a preset number as the speed increases to maintain an even, ideal application rate.  E.g. Select your preset setting number 1 = 10 MPH, 2 = 20 MPH ideal application.velocityimg

Hopper Design

Ace Torwel Poly Electric Spreader was designed with a 70 degree pitch verses the competitors which is only a 45 degree pitch. The unique design of the hopper reduces the chance of bridging.

Poly Electric Sander Specifications

Capacity 7 ft. – 1.85 yard 8 ft. – 2.1 yard
Overall Length 101” 117”
Overall Width 49” 49”
Body Height 37” 37”
Unit Weight (dry) 400 lb 425 lb
Top Screen Standard Standard
Vinyl Weather Cover Standard Standard
Dual Electric Motor Kit Standard Standard